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Wine Retailer Online Store

//Wine Retailer Online Store


This independent online wine retailer was established in the United Kingdom. It promises to deliver the best and finest quality wine all over the world with a wide range of prices. Thus, it can serve a wide range of customers. When it comes to this wine retailer, customers have three options to choose from its introductory – offer mixes – case range. Particularly, customers can choose from mixed, all – red, or all white wine.

Wine Retailer Online Store


The company should be able to manage the wine system and sales
Also, they expect to get product review management
Customers can search products by name or by category
Users can buy products by quantity or by the barrel of wine. For example, they can buy 1 case of 6 bottles or 12 bottles of wine
Moreover, users can register to buy products on a quarterly basis. Particularly, in a quarter, the store will select products according to customers who have ordered
The company can offer mixed products according to admin
User’s signup account
Besides, users can use multiple payment methods to pay for their bills. Thus, the company can serve a wide range of customers from all over the world


Here’s how we use Shopify development Vietnam to fulfill those above requirements
Custom Product Type
Both use and custom an app to set the minimum and maximum quantity when ordering a product. Thanks to that, the shop owner can manage the wine system and sales
Use Ajax add to cart and product’s tag. Then, customers can buy wine by bottle or case
Show the product list as a dropdown when using the search function. Hence, users will be able to search for products by name or by category
Besides, Create a customized setting to build the content
Furthermore, Custom simple pages
Display Newsletter and Contact Us
Also, display Recurring billing to help manage sales of wine
Have multiple Shopify Payments so that customers can use different methods to pay for their bills

  • Date : November 19, 2019
  • Skill : PHP, Shopify, HTML, Javascript

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