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Salesforce Implementation Story – Bank X

//Salesforce Implementation Story – Bank X


In 2018, Bank X, one of the leading financial groups in Vietnam. They initiated a corporate digital transformation program, officially became a digital bank with a greedy goal, their customers are the 1st priority, and fully focused on customer database development. The bank’s 25th anniversary in 2019 provided the perfect opportunity to launch a new brand, reflecting the bank’s transformation to be more modern, digital, and customer-centric center. Therefore, Bank X needs a tool to build a comprehensive marketing development strategy to attract new customers as well get better database management and user experiences.

Salesforce Implementation Story – Bank X

Category : Salesforce


  • The bank has a very large customer database that cannot be managed quickly by excel.
  • The Bank X launched promotions for large customers, but not yet a professional tool for branching and evaluating the effectiveness of those programs for client files.
  • Departments and divisions do not have the association, reporting and updating data is not automatically and in real-time.
  • The Bank’s software and products are running separately, not yet connected, to cross-sell the products on the same ecosystem of the Bank.
  • The Bank also does not have tools to track customers as well as analyze customer behavior.

Salesforce Is The Best Solution

  • Bank X has reached out to Salesforce, which has helped Bank X solve all the problems and challenges they are facing
  • Salesforce CRM helps to manage the volume of customers with millions of transactional per day, thousands of new acquired customers installing and using the Bank X app every day.
  • CRM also helps leader, director can control all projects and customer relationships.
  • Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool helping Bank X improve the ability to track customers’ behavior through social media interactions and transactions. Moreover, it enhances the visibility of brand-oriented products, increase opportunities to up-sell & cross-sell other products of the business.


  • Configuration: Marketing Cloud, Sale Cloud CRM
  • Email Studio
  • Content Builder and Journey Builder​
  • Automation Studio
  • Mobile Push
  • Advertising Studio
  • Standard Lead Object and Fields

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