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International Online Makerspace

//International Online Makerspace


Company X is an international maker space that mainly focuses on mechanical and engineering. Founded in 2012 in Norway, this maker space has expanded its business and introduced a lot more technical or engineering products. Some of its most popular services include Engineering, Robotics, 3D Printing, and so on. Moreover, this company can help lower the threshold for customers to start with Rapid Prototyping.

International Online Makerspace


The company wants to offer some special functions to its users. Particularly, users can create blueprints from products and services on the website to sell and earn a commission
Need a system for selling products following B2B as well as B2C models. Also, the final Blueprints should include products in BOM ( Bills of Materials) with Service to create IoT
Product creation: DIT KIT: Add code, Add media, Add 2D/ 3D and Add BOM
The connection from Products ( including the number of needed items) to the user’s Blueprint. This can be carried out with a direct URL for each product, external links, or import from an existing Wish list.
Only products that are registered with the maker space’s domain name ( from other registered users or its Main Shop) will be listed with Cost/ Price Tag in BOM.
The webform should have an “ Add Product” and “ Finished” button. Also, there should be an “ Import Wish list” button on the Heading of the BOM website
External links to BOM
The vendor should be able to add and sell products on this maker space
Products that Premium Users or Business Users add will be automatically synced to eBay, and vice versa


Use Webkul extension for maker space. Thanks to that, the company’s website will be featured with essential elements for every maker space like order & shipping management, feedback, and so on
Also, use extensions related to the maker space such as shipping method or the payment method
Customize blueprints functions for the whole system
Also, customize to calculate commission for blueprint sellers and creators. Then, they can quickly and easily determine their commission


Users can sync products, orders, and categories from eBay to Magento and vice versa
Users are able to connect git responsibilities to their “ Blueprints” published on
Users don’t have to create accounts on this international maker space. Instead, they can log in using their Github or social media accounts
Maker Membership Referral = 49,50 NOK in incentives to the Referrer
Integration towards shipment from the warehouse to Norwegian / International Customer by BringAPI
Besides, users can get access to their own warehouse functions. Hence, they can easily control their Stock
Distributor Membership Referral = 449,50 NOK in incentives to the Referrer
Warehouse; Bring API; Referral Bonus for Users; GitHub API…

  • Date : August 3, 2018
  • Skill : PHP, Magento, HTML, Javascript

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